Eliminating negative and dark force

Lapis Lazuli Beads

The most common stone in the world, known as quartz, comes in a extensive range of colors which includes Agate and Jasper. Quartz has many uses, through the ancient days; the Japanese had the belief that quartz evolved in the breath of a dragon that is white, thus indicating perfection. There were some who used quartz for rain rites, while some used it as crystal ball to forecast future.

Jasper beads are found in many portions of the world and in various colours including red, yellow, brown, green along with in hues of blue and purple. Black Jasper is regarded as one of the rarest Jasper. Also known by the name Basanite, the bead is recognized to cure curses, shield in high risk occupations from danger and threats. This bead is also known for the way it can take the person into heavy dream to reveal visions and prophetic dreams.

At current days, turquoise beads are known for empowering both women and men equally; the beads are carried by both the sex in accordance with their own convenience. Turquoise improves the sensation of self-forgiveness and self-acceptance, dealing with all the physical healing energy, these Glass Beads is proven to treat panic or depression effects. It offers good psychic immune system, nutrients and gives us safe from all kind of pollution and viral infection.

Lavender Jade removes stress and each of the emotional pain while exciting spiritual advancement. Purple Jade offers the possibility of raising happiness and filling the aura of containment. Yellow Jade stone gives a cheerful energy which stops all negative forces.

Aside from the healings that are metaphysical and spiritual, the beads also supply remedy for chronic diseases, arthritis, bone injuries diabetes and intestinal troubles. However, it is remarked that quartz dust may cause problems including inhalation problem if inhaled in sufficient amounts and is to be noted that the beads cannot be considered to be a replacement for medical prescription.

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